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How Does A Peer Advisory Group Work?

How Does A Peer Advisory Group
For over 60 years, and after working

About Vistage

For over 60 years, and after working with more than 100,000+ CEOs, our entire business focus has been studying CEO performance.

We have identified that the highest-performing CEOs—consistently growing faster than their peers—are doing things differently than the rest.

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Our Process and Approach


We thoroughly assess the needs of every client within the context of the internal and external environment.


We explore individual, group, and system-level dynamics to develop pragmatic and the most effective solution by studying patterns, trends, and organizational systems that inform the action planning process.

Action Planning

We partner with the client(s) to determine which strategic choices will deliver the best possible outcomes and develop an implementation plan.

Implementation and Execution

We ensure work is completed on time and consistent with the stated objectives. We measure progress at each stage of the plan.

Deliver Results

We actively partner with the client(s) to deliver agreed-upon outcomes and sustain long-term results.

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